Star Station Traveler


Commercial Virgin Galactic Star

Station fully life sustainable

for nonlimited time.Β 

  • docking system for unity spacecraft

AI_causality (time: 1 barmenu – 5/12, serial – 6/12)Β 

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Waxing crescent moon symbol

We need a new commercial star station / space station / space craft, a huge platform, where you can to live for nonlimited time, which can also toΒ  explore the solar system due to ion etc. engine systems.

Why? Galactic Unite will to need another the big challenge, which means the target to the future. Make diferend and be a inspiration, a opportunity, a business for all visionares from anywhere.

Future is Now! There don’t must be another chance. Remember, a dinos don’t like a big flying rocks, so everything is a experience, which to bring the knowledge and humans must be smarter than dinos including to keep the population grow.